Fight the epidemic, care for employees, let us work hard together


Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Dingyuan has always put the life safety and health of its employees in the first place, thinking about what employees think, anxious about what employees need, and doing more and taking measures to care for employees during the epidemic.

The epidemic is the order, and the prevention and control is the responsibility. In order to fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the company’s leaders returned to work as soon as possible.


During the Spring Festival, the company held several meetings of the leading group for response to the epidemic to make comprehensive arrangements for the prevention and control of the epidemic and the return of employees to work. At the same time, the company also purchased a batch of anti-epidemic substances such as infrared forehead thermometers, disinfectant, and alcohol.

During the resumption of work, in order to solve the problem of employees going to get off work, the company organized and arranged employees with private cars to provide special vehicles for employees in various areas to pick up and go to get off work.